Protecting yourself and others from Asbestos in a COVID19 world

When it comes to asbestos, we all know that there is a potential risk for cancers such as; mesothelioma and asbestosis. But what is it about this naturally occurring fibre that made it so popular until the mid-1980s?

In general, asbestos has been used in over 3,000 products and until the mid-1980s was the most commonly used construction material because of the “miracle" fibres strength, versatility and resistance to both heat and chemical corrosion.

Wizard of Oz AsbestosThere are three main types of asbestos; Amosite: often found in insulation, Crocidolite: Often found in rope, insulation, steelwork spray protection and sometimes cement boarding and Chrysotile: the most common type, and is found in cement, floor, ceiling tiles, insulation and more. In fact, the 1939 classic movie Wizard of Oz scene when Dorothy and her friends awaken from a spell cast by the Wicked Witch of the West by snow, the prop used to make that snow was asbestos!

Some other more common places where asbestos may have been used include:

  • • Inside air ducts
  • • Insulation
  • • Inside piping
  • • Vinyl floor tiles
  • • Cement
  • • Drywall and plaster
  • • Ceiling tiles
  • • Rooftops

Corrugated roofUnless disturbed (either by becoming damaged or degradation) asbestos poses little risk, it is when the fibres become airborne and could be inhaled that it becomes hazardous. If you suspect your home or building may have asbestos, the trained and certified professionals at RCC North DKI can test the materials and devise an abatement and remediation strategy.

RCCN DKI performs remediation and abatements in both residential and commercial properties with services that include:

  • • Glove bagpipe insulation removal
  • • Building proper containment
  • • Negative Air Scrubbing techniques
  • • Proper disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials
  • • Project Design and Management
  • • Re-Insulation
  • • Full Reconstruction and Rebuild services

Covid cleaning suit

All work we perform meets or exceeds provincial requirements and is done in strict accordance with a consultant specification so you can trust you and those around you in your home or building are safe.

Asbestos abatements in a COVID19 world:

While guidelines, standards and regulations by various organizations are in development, our professionals at RCC North DKI are dealing with these conditions with the training and experience we currently have, by following Biohazard guidelines for when we perform all abatements projects.

Our number one concern is for the health and safety of our employees, sub-trades and of course our customers. It is an evolving situation for everyone. Conditions and necessary steps are fluid and changing constantly. Our commitment to you is that we will keep current of changing protocols and guidelines and adjust how we perform our services as needed while never sacrificing quality.

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