Disaster Restoration Solutions For Condominium Corporations and Property Management Companies



Our trained, experienced and on-cal 24/7 Team of highly trained Project Managers specializes in helping managers and owners of multifamily residences when a fire, smoke, water loss, flooding or other damages occur.

We understand the unique needs faced by multi-family property management companies when an insurance claim happens and we are prepared to meet these extensive demands 24 hours a day. Our one-stop solution allows you to maximize tenant retention during a claim, minimize your rental and business interruption by getting your building and units ready to occupy, quickly and efficiently.

Our specialty team can handle your larger and complex buildings that require onsite management.

We use Thermal Imaging Infrared camera’s to perform moisture and leak detection and use other state of the art equipment for drying and structural dehumidifying to prevent costly mold problems in the future.

As the manager or owner of a condo complex, there is no reason for you to take on all the complexities of handling Insurance Claims by yourself. You will have enough to deal with in these situations with your tenants, insurance company, investigators and other inspectors and interested persons.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

RCC North DKI and RCC Red Deer DKI offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Calgary, Red Deer and throughout Southern Alberta. With many years of experience in flood & water damage restoration, flooded basement cleanup, sewer backup cleanup & emergency plumbing remediation, our disaster restoration experts respond quickly to minimize water damage & restore your property to its original state.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Dealing with a fire emergency can be traumatic for everybody; landlords, tenants and Facility Managers. Besides smoke and fire damage you will need to address the water damage resulting from fire fighting efforts. RCC North DKI and RCC Red Deer DKI technicians and Project Managers are trained and certified for smoke, fire, odour removal and water damage restoration. We will quickly contain the water damage to start and then access the fire damage and structural integrity of your property.

Mold Removal and Remediation

We also provide mold removal and remediation. We can coordinate mold testing and inspections as required. Our mold removal experts will not only treat visible mold but can also perform indoor air quality techniques to greatly reduce mold spores and other indoor contaminations.

We use Thermal Imaging Infrared camera’s to perform moisture and leak detection and use other state of the art equipment for drying and structural dehumidifying to prevent costly mold problems in the future.

Drone Roof Inspections

We use IMGING Drones for Roof Inspections of your residential or commercial building. These Drones automate damage detection, so issues like hail hits are easy to find.

When your roof is damaged you want a quick, safe and though inspection. Automated flight lets us inspect your roof from the ground in minutes.

We gather dozens of ultra-high-res images that can also be used to prepare 3D models. Our IMGING Drones for Roof Inspections lets us create shareable reports with measurements and high-res images. Estimates for damage repairs are much more accurate and quicker.

Safety First

RCC North DKI is continually evolving and committed to the Safety of our employees and to our clients. RCC North DKI is COR certified, meeting the strictest protocols that involves the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm, in damage, and assisting in disasters (natural or man made). RCC North DKI complies with the Provincial and Federal Safety guidelines in our industry in working with OH&S.

With a have a full-time NCSO safety officer on staff this continues to ensure our training and certifications programs are current. We believe that Safety plays a key role in keeping an emergency restoration or construction project on schedule and on budget.

Other Services

We offer our clients many other services, such as; smoke & fire damage restoration, odour removal, Hail, Wind and other damage repairs to your buildings exterior. We are on one-stop Disaster Restoration company that also handles all your commercial & residential repairs with our in-house Construction Production department.



Property Management/Condo Team

Ryan L'Heureux - VP of Commercial & Complex Restorations

Contact Ryan at: ryan.lheureux@rccn.dki.ca

Adam Bell - Project Manager and Condo Claims

Contact Adam at: adam.bell@rccn.dki.ca

Randy Exner - Project Manager and Condo Claims

Contact Randy at: randy.exner@rccn.dki.ca


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