About ERP

We offer a complimentary Emergency Response Program (ERP) protocol in the unfortunate case you have a property loss from a flood, fire or other peril. Your personalized ERP will help you think through what will need to be done in an emergency response situation when dealing with fires, floods and other crisis situations. This ERP workbook is great for workplace emergency planning and a reference tool to help prepare you in dealing with a disaster in your facility.

This ERP workbook is a guide for developing a comprehensive emergency response plan. It will help you to:

• conduct a risk assessment;
• evaluate potential losses;
• identify potential emergencies;
• develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness and response program;
• become part of your overall business continuity and business recovery plan;

Our ERP service will provide basic information to assist you in the development of emergency preparedness and response. All businesses should have an emergency response program in place so you can get back up and running faster and with a lot less stress. Customers and tenants expect it as an indication of being a reliable business operation.

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RCC North DKI provides emergency response agreements that will minimize the risk of preventable damage while providing immediate on-site service in the event of an unforeseen disaster – flooding, sewer back up, fire, smoke and water damage, etc.


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